Information Security Policy

FABRICK identifies the requirement for defense of the knowledge assets that area unit underneath the company’s possession or underneath the company’s management and also the obligation to accommodates the Greek and European, legal and restrictive framework.

The Security Policy may be a framework for the protection of data administered by FABRICK, providing steerage to the Organization on the administration and process of the knowledge. the Security Policy may be a set of rules that describes the manner that FABRICK administers and protects the company’s info Assets. These rules outline the role of every party in FABRICK, the parties’ duties, responsibilities and obligations.

As each society desires laws, laws and directions to make sure the protection and correct flow of its operations, likewise each company/ organization desires a particular Security Policy that may make sure the trustworthy, organized and effective use of the knowledge Assets.

The purpose of this Security Policy is that the secure and continuous provision of services and product to the ultimate customers or collaborating parties. The Scope of the Security Policy is that the institution of a framework of general directions for the protection of the knowledge of FABRICK, the implementation of that ensures to the Organization associate degree accepted level of Security relating to the danger profile.

Moreover, the aim of the Security Policy is to line restrictions on the access and also the use of private computers, info systems, networks, transmission suggests that and different relevant info means area unit used for the storage and method of information, documents and computer code that FABRICK owns and uses with higher purpose the protection of accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of the knowledge and data assets.

The Primary Objectives of the Security Policy are:

  • The assurance of the confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of the knowledge of FABRICK.
  • The assurance of the rights of the natural persons that join forces with FABRICK with the staff and insurance agents of FABRICK.
  • The immediate detection of data Security risks and their effective management.
  • The immediate management of the knowledge Security incidents.
  • The assurance of the right perform of the knowledge assets.
  • The constant improvement of the amount of data Security.
  • The satisfaction of the restrictive and legislative necessities.
  • The increase within the degree of awareness of the personnel for doable risks that would threaten the knowledge Security and also the constant update of the most effective practices that has to be enforced for his or her reduction.

For the preceding reasons, FABRICK takes all necessary measures/controls on a technical and structure level to make sure the integrity, accessibility and confidentiality of the processed info. At constant time, the corporate applies policies and procedures towards the subsequent objectives:

  • Determination of the structure structures necessary for the observation of subjects relevant to the Security Policy.
  • Determination of the technical measures/controls for the knowledge and data systems management and access restriction.
  • Classification of the knowledge, in line with their significance and worth.
  • Description of the required actions for the protection of data throughout the process, storage and transfer.
  • Determination of the coaching ways of the company’s staff and insurance agents relating to the knowledge Security.
  • Determination of responses in cases of data Security incidents.
  • Description of the ways in which make sure the safety of the business operations of the corporate in cases of data systems pathology or in cases of disasters.